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It’s important you know what questions to ask your healthcare provider before your C-section delivery, or any other women’s health surgery such as:

With C-sections being the most common surgery in the United States, women should feel empowered and prepared before delivery.

More than half of patients who have a C-section are prescribed an opioid, but opioids are not for everyone. Opioids may cause nausea, vomiting and constipation, and can make you feel drowsy or confused. These side effects can slow down your recovery.

Ask The Questions

Not sure what to expect for your upcoming C-section?

Concerned about how your pain will impact your recovery or how it will be managed during and after your C-section?

This discussion guide will help you ask your health care provider the right questions ahead of time to better understand your options for pain control, including non-opioid medications, and what to expect for the recovery process.

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Patient Experience

Sandra Santos - C-section patient